Welcome to my writing website. 

I've been writing scripts for Networks Theatre in Spain since 1999.  The shows divide into three really.   Pantomimes.  Children's Musicals and then "other shows"

All of the shows can be purchased as Royalty Free. I don't ask for a per performance fee. Once you pay for the show you can perform it as many times as you wish. All i ask is that you don't pass it for free to another company. 

This offer of royalty free is for the amateur market only. 

My shows are written originally for a studio theatre in Orihuela, Spain, called Networks Theatre and you can find it widely on social media.

We only have the option of one stage design on the main theatre walls unless we bring in any scenery.  Why I'm explaining this is because I don't write my scripts with big chunky scenes that are "Outside the Palace" "Inside the Palace" "Outside Hardup Hall" etc.  The scenes are shorter rather than over-long and often to the point as we don't take intervals in our shows.

Intervals.  There are natural and perfect places to take the intervals in the following shows.  Cinderella when she becomes the Princess, Snow White when she runs off into the forest, as for Beauty possibly after Be Our Guest, and Aladdin, after the Genie and the cast sing a song called Fortune Favours the Brave.

I have a wide knowledge of music and musical theatre and the songs chosen for each panto are a mix of musical theatre, pop ballads and well chosen dramatic music for the meatier moments.

I can always offer to help companies choose a different song if one proves unsuitable and if you're interested in my choice of songs for a particular show email me.  The pantomimes have a song list link on each page to see what choices I've made for that particular show. 

I hope this helps.  Please remember that to use the music supplied will always be dependant on the venue you perform in and if this venue is licensed for recorded music. YOU the buyer need to check the licensing arrangements for your venue. The audio MP3s are given to you along with the script as a suggestion of music that could be used.  I am not responsible for any violations of copyright.  Many venues are covered by a P.R.S. licence.  That aside, I know that most people are relaxed about this aspect of the production.

Nick Moore.